Carol Wuenschell

Expert English Language editing for scientific, bio-medical, and other texts

What I Do


Correct English is important whenever you want to make a good impression, and errors can also detract from the clarity of your message. Some choices of wording are not errors, as such, but still can make the meaning less clear or simply make the text hard to read.

I can help ensure that your message comes through with both correctness and clarity.

Specifically, I can:

  • Correct grammar, syntax, word usage, and punctuation
  • Ensure appropriate use of articles and prepositions
  • Ensure appropriate use of idiomatic expressions
  • Remove redundant or unnecessary words
  • Break over-long or complicated sentences for easier reading
  • Rearrange confusing sentences for improved clarity
  • Write you a comment if something is ambiguous to clarify your intended meaning

I edit all types of texts, for either scientific or lay audiences, including:

  • Journal articles
  • Grant proposals
  • Book chapters
  • Abstracts
  • Letters to the editor and other correspondence
  • responses to reviewers’ comments
  • Informative or educational materials
  • And moreā€¦ Please ask me about your specific project.

Contact me regarding your editing needs at:


Phone: (626) 483-4173


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